Tuesday, January 15, 2008

If I Had a Million Dollars

This is totally random and totally irrelevant to life, but I had to share. I was home sick last week, and turned on the television while doing some work and eating lunch (multi-tasking, anyone?). Not much is on during the day, especially when you don't have cable. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire found its way onto my screen and I was half paying attention. I looked up from the work, thought, "Oh, he's a cutie" about the guy playing. Then I thought "He has a familiar look about him." Then Meredith called him by his first name and I thought, "I KNOW HIM!!!" He was one of my first students when I started teaching undergraduates. I was floored. I don't know why I was floored by it, but I was. He was one of my baseball players I tutored, so I'm a bit ashamed I didn't recognize him right away, but I wasn't expecting to know someone playing. He did well-$25,000. The question that took him down was obscure-something about what the Guinness Book of World Records judges fast talkers with-what document they recite. Who the hell knows that? I certainly don't. He did have to phone a friend on what Johnny Cakes are made of-shame on you, Matt!!! Granted, you grew up in Washington State, but you still spent four years in Connecticut. Come on!!!
Anywho, like I said, random and not relevant in the grand scheme of things. But now I have two degrees of separation to Meredith Viera, which means I have three to Matt Lauer. And that's a good thing.


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