Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Give Me Three Steps

Okay, I have five minutes to write before I have to run. I yearn for a day I can sit down and ramble on for paragraphs about what's going on in my confused little brain. Soon, hopefully. I'm sure you can't wait. Ha.
The trip home was stellar. Animal was AWESOME in the car, a first for my little sweetie, who has a record of screaming to the point of vomiting in the past when subjected to the five minute car ride to the grocery store. No crying. No vomiting. Sweet. She was incredible with my folks, finally. She wanted her Grandpa to play with her and Nana to read to her and visit the fish in the little pond next door. She let them hold her, kiss her, and take her out of my sight, all without massive tears and screeching.
The interview was insightful. The process itself I think went rather well. The head of the CR department is great. I'd give my left arm to work for him. The other two interviewers were also very cool. It's a place I'd love to work, doing things I am trained to do, in a state I am familiar with. I think I answered the questions honestly and with information they wanted to hear. HOWEVER (there's always one of those, isn't there?), the CR head informed me twice that although I'm completely qualified for this position, I would be even more marketable if I finished my PhD. I agree, but sometime in the near future, I'd like to pay my bills, spend time with my husband and kids, lead a relatively normal existence. I'd love to chip away at my dissertation at the same time, but would have to see how the job and move go first. They are making the decision by the beginning of February, so I'll wait to hear. I won't be surprised if I don't get an offer. Nonetheless, it was the most enlightening interview I have ever been through.
It's flurrying here. We got the most beautiful snow yesterday-that heavy, stick to every last branch storm. I love New England.


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