Sunday, January 06, 2008

Another Day

Okay. It's a definite now. I'm certifiably nuts. Not the kind that has voices in my head suggesting I run down the street naked or anything (GOD forbid), but plain old crazy. My in-laws got us one of those Garmin portable GPS units for our car. I had it in my car yesterday. I deviated from the directions and promptly felt disobedient for not listening to the authoritative voice coming from the box, guilty for making her "RECALCULATE", and annoyed that someone was, yet again, telling me what to do. The men with the lovely strapped white jackets will be waiting for me soon. And, that won't do-white before Memorial Day???

Animal is obsessed with Elmo DVDs. Obsessed might be a mild term. I refuse to let her be one of those kids that stands transfixed in front of the television, worshipping the little red guy. But, she just about jumps out of her skin with excitement when he comes on. We have Elmo books, coloring books, games, but sometimes the DVD is the only thing she begs for. Must put a stop to this. Somehow.

I go home to PA for yet another interview on Friday. Wish me luck.

Today is my birthday. My older brother got me the Sting Lyrics book and a zip drive full of his music. He rocks. My brother, that is. Sting does, too, for that matter. We are getting Mexican take out tonight. No preparation, no clean up. What could be better??? Plus, I have been craving everything spicy since I have been pregnant. When I'm not on the verge of a hurl, that is. I could eat salsa straight out of the jar with a spoon. Besides the Mexican, it's a pretty typical day=laundry, mounds of dishes (how do three people generate so freaking many dishes???), cleaning, dealing with a baby that's been sick for a week and three people who haven't slept in as many days. Ah, good times.


Blogger Damselfly said...

Happy birthday!!! And good luck on your interview.

4:46 PM  
Blogger Kris said...

Thanks so much!! I'm a bit nervous. There are a lot of people counting on me to get the position. No pressure:)

8:42 AM  

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