Thursday, February 21, 2008

Come Downstairs and Say Hello

That last post about Millie sleeping. Complete anomoly. She's been back to her old ways. Someday I will be strong enough to break her. Not tonight, I can tell you that.

Exam #3 down. The question was fantastic and thought-provoking, but couldn't be answered by the readings I chose. I had to dig through my dusty brain and revive stuff I haven't thought about in 15 years. Not a bad thing, but not the point. It was nonetheless a great exercise.

I heard about the job. Can't give details at the moment, but with all the rigamarole I am going through, you'd think I was being considered for National Security Advisor. And, trust me, I'm not. Especially not for the horrifying, insulting salary they are considering offering me. The stress of it all is killing me.

The spell check is not working on my blogger tool box. I apologize for the many mistakes that are inevitable in my posts. For someone who was reading at age 3, I mystify my mother with my complete lack of spelling ability. Between my woefully pathetic inadequacy and my painful shyness, I'd throw my first word during school spelling bees just so I could sit down and my stomach could stop hurting from the stress of it all. Sad.

Must go cram for my next exam. I had about 5 things I wanted to blog about and they are all gone from my head.


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