Thursday, February 14, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust

Exam #2 over. It was another good question, albeit complicated. Damned them for making me think! I fear the last two topics-method and theory based. What do you mean I have to APPLY my knowledge??? Come on!!! Next week's is written by an old prof of mine who made it his life's work to trigger panic and crying in his students. Once I graduated, he was like a different person to me. But, he's still a giant ball buster, so I'm a wee bit nervous about what he will come up with to torture me. Plus, he's retired and basking in the Puerto Rican sun with time on his way-too-smart hands to craft a killer question. I say: Bring IT. Right. Ask me again next Wednesday morning after I am in the fetal position in the corner of the living room clutching Animal's Elmo blanket.

I finished my exam last night at 1:00 despite American Idol. Our downstairs neighbors, who are living under some pretty cramped, stressed and unfortunate circumstances, apparently tape American Idol on Tuesday nights and spend the ENTIRE next day replaying it at a volume that would stiffle a steam train. Last week was bad enough. Yesterday (oh, and last night for hours), it was freaking Bryan Adams' Everything I Do OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN. I love my Canadian boys, but he's the exception to that rule. And that song. It makes me want to slit a vein wide open just to have an excuse to get away. Oh, and then there's the lounge singer version of Light My Fire. Good God, are there no limits to decency? Apparently not. I almost put in the Elmo Start Moving DVD to drown it out. THAT'S desperation.

On the phenomenal side, Animal stayed in her crib with minimal outbursts until 4:45 this morning! Our alarm goes off at 5:00, so that's about the time she usually starts stirring anyway. Thank the good Lord. I pray it's a trend. I always say that and it never comes to fruition, but a girl can hope.

On another upside, Lost is on tonight. We are obsessed with it. It's a sickness, really. I MUST know who the other three Oceanic Six are. There's no rest until I know. And was it Sawyer in the coffin?

Well, I should go prep to teach today. Religion and Magic. Something that should be taught over the course of an entire semester, not in one 1-hour lecture. Enjoy the day.


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