Thursday, September 13, 2007

Long Time Coming

Animal's first birthday is Saturday. It all started a year ago last night. My due date was September 12. At 11:30 p.m. on the 12th, I lost my plug and started having, let's just say, gastrointestinal issues along with every contraction. Fun, eh? At least it kept me from the almighty embarrassing pooping on the delivery table. Too much information? Likely. Sorry. And then the bleeding started. And continued. And continued. Was this normal? To this degree? I hadn't read that it was. And read obsessively I did. I called the doctor on call that night who told us to COME ON DOWN! So, down we went. They checked me out, monitored my 3" dilated cervix and crazed contractions for most of the night, and then sent me home. Iain slept for a few hours and I think I was able to shut my eyes for about an hour, interrupted by contractions. (editor's note: last night, one year later, we got approximately the same amount of sleep. Millie completely lost her shit. She was doing so well. What the hell happened???) My gut said it wasn't time, but why risk it? My husband could have delivered the baby, I am quite sure, but do I really want to ruin my sheets? Or worse yet, the interior of my husband's car? Nope.

A year ago today I spent hanging out at home, trying to rest, but was plagued by nesting and cooking urges. The contractions slowed down for about three hours in the morning and I thought maybe the baby decided we were way too frightening as parents-to-be and would never come out. She had functioning ears inside there for a while. She had heard all of the insanity. All of the bad singing of her mother. All of the crazy talk of her father. I wouldn't blame her for not wanting to come out. But, alas, the contractions came back with a vengeance by 1:00 in the afternoon or so. That night, I convinced my husband to get some sleep so one of us was rested. I think he slept a grand total of 5 hours. I sat up on the couch with his watch (since mine had died the night before-can you freaking believe that???? I am completely obsessed with knowing what time it is normally, but now I am trying to time contractions with no watch???), timing contractions, writing each one down. I'd have one, time it, try to write down its duration, and nod off for a minute or so. Long night. Not as long as the next one, though.

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Anonymous Foggy City Mommy said...

congrats. and happy bday animal!!

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