Monday, August 27, 2007

Sad, Sad Situation

I got the email I was dreading. The position went to someone else. Nice news the day before I have to start teaching. My eyes should look like someone double punched me by tomorrow morning. I have to focus on the good points. It would have been a job full of abuse, all of which I could have handled. We would have had to move and put Millie in a new daycare. I get to be at home with her four days a week rather than two. I can hopefully concentrate on finishing my degree so my name tag at McDonald's will feature the letters "PhD". You know you'll be getting quality service, then. No average fries for you. There's a plan. God's got a plan. I just wish I knew what it was.

Poor Animal gets all squirrely when I cry. She actually tries to make me smile-she'll put her hand on my face and grin and touch my tears. Have I mentioned she's brilliant AND intuitive? Ha.

So, in the new vein of concentrating on the positive, we had a great day on Saturday. She started off by feeding herself yogurt with the spoon mostly by herself, with at least some success.

My aunt, who doubles as one of my best friends, came down. She's one of the only (okay, the ONLY) people Animal is not freaky with. My aunt has made an effort to visit very often and get to know her, THUS, Millie actually knows her. Unlike everyone else. The local children's museum was having a fundraiser that involved a local farm being open to the public. Millie was absolutely enthralled by the cows-
So enthralled, in fact, that she managed to keep her hat on. The general rule of thumb is I put it on her, she rips it off and attempts to throw it out the window/off the bridge/into a pile of manure/mud/garbage. We also took a rockin' hayride pulled by a 1949 tractor. She went nuts. It was all about pointing and "oooooooo"ing and jumping up and down.

Why does my husband looked pissed? I have no idea. Maybe because that was the 8,943rd picture I had taken that day. I have an addiction. So sue me.

After the free (Oh yes, I DID say free) ice cream and a feeble attempt not to ridicule the absurd and talentless, but I'm sure well-meaning old white man attempting to rap in an effort to entertain the crowd, we headed out. Animal fell asleep on the way home so we drove up to a duck pond in the next town, where she woke up and again, had more fun that one 11-month old should. A very nice woman offered us a piece of bread since we didn't have any with us. Millie didn't quite grasp that it wasn't for her to eat and got P-I-S-S-E-D when Iain took it away from her. My little one doesn't like it when she's told she can't put something in her mouth, especially a carbohydrate. She loved the ducks, nonetheless.

All in all, a very good day.

That's my aunt and I with Animal. Note the gigantic Scooby Doo head in the background. Those are the things my nightmares are made out of. Although, the clown face ones are worse. Straight out of It.

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Blogger Jessica said...

Oh! I'm sorry you didn't get the job! Damn, I was busy planning a very busy lunch schedule with you, and a busy weekend schedule with you and Animal, and a busy LUSH schedule with you (not that I have the job, either, mind you).

That's so funny - when I saw that first picture of Iain, I was like, "Why does he look like he's being tortured?" My next thought was "Bom Chucka Mau Mau" (don't hit me).

I'm glad you have an animal lover for a child!

Well, here's to our illustrious careers in food service and bath and body retail! I'm sure our parents are very proud.

11:19 PM  
Blogger Kris said...

Hit you? I totally agree. He's a combination Swedish porn star and Freddie Mercury with the 'stache. He's shaving it for Millie's birthday and then growing his winter beard, which I love. His moustache is fine and he's never dare tell me how to wear my hair, so I just smile and tell him I love him when the beard transforms to the the 'stache.

1:33 PM  

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