Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My Old School

Still waiting to hear on the job. "They" had to post it internally for two weeks. The end of that two weeks is Friday. "They" are supposed to be announcing their decision then. I have resigned myself to the high probability that it won't be me. There are reasons why that's okay and I have to focus on them.

School starts on Monday. I have two sections of Social Anthropology to teach, one of them an honors section. Too bad I'm not a social anthropologist, eh? Jeez. I have taught it before and have been blessed with fantastic, enthusiastic students. I hope I'm lucky again. We'll see. I teach it from an anthropology of yourselves point of view since most of them aren't anthropology majors and couldn't give a rat's arse about it. I force, er, teach them to think about how anthropology is relevant to their own lives. We're using blogs and podcasts for some of their assignments, so hopefully they won't find it to be a total snoozefest. I make, I mean, encourage them to talk about gender identity, "race" and ethnicity, social stratification, religion, all things that they should have an opinion on. Let's hope they are talkative.

My pumpkin is asleep for the moment. She was benched at school for diarrhea yesterday, which she has had since Sunday. It took until yesterday to have three strikes at school, thus the parent call to come pick our poop-filled child up. Her diaper region is the color of fresh strawberries, the poor thing. I wish I knew what was up. My husband picked her up from school yesterday, so today was my turn to stay home with her. Minus $100 from my meager paycheck, thank you very much. Oh well. All part of parenting. The plus is we get to goof off all day, all in the name of recuperation. Nice.

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