Monday, July 30, 2007


Please excuse the random randomness of this post.

Millie is on week 10 of daycare. For 7 of those weeks, she has been sick. Two ear infections for her. Fevers of 104 and beyond. One ear infection lasting 6 weeks for my husband. One sore throat lasting 9 weeks for me. One stomach virus resulting in vomiting for her and the double whammy for me. However, she is FINALLY not crying for 8 of her 10 hours there. I hear she's actually smiling and playing and sharing food with her friends. It's a wondrous thing.

I have another interview on Friday for a professional position. It's in Rhode Island, where I got my undergraduate degree and have most of my preservation experience. I have a distinct feeling that they have someone in mind for the position already, but I feel like I have to apply. If I could write my own job description, it's pretty darned close to what I'd wish for. It's in a state I absolutely love, love, love. It's working with phenomenal people. It's a higher level position than I have ever held, but one I can do. Let's see if I can not blow this interview, too. I got a jacket for the interview at Kohl's for $13.50 marked down from $120.00!!!! SWEET!!!!! Too bad it's supposed to be in the 90s on Friday. In the city. Sweaty applicant, anyone?

Had a great day yesterday. I dropped off the husband at his parents' house to do some heavy lifting. Millie and I cruised to Mystic to meet my BFF ( and her unbelievably cool mother, who is like a second mom to me. I haven't seen them since November for a myriad of reasons, but I miss them like crazy every day. I have a ton of people who I regret my daughter not having daily exposure to, but they are two high on the list. They didn't get to see my little Animal in her natural habitat, and she was still under the weather and a bit mellow, but they both got a smile out of her. Animal actually SLEPT through lunch at a noisy restaurant while I got to eat. With both hands. And TALK like an adult. It was amazing. I got to be social. To be a friend. To be out among people. I splurged and bought a $13 shell cuff from a Tibetan jewelry shop and promptly felt horribly guilty. If I were closer, I'd bring it back. After lunch, Animal and I went back to my in-laws. She was a gem. Walked from her daddy to me, cruised like a speed demon around the furniture. Had her first steak while her mommy had a THREE pound lobster. Unreal. We miraculously hit no traffic or rain (unusual) on the way home. It was a late night on a work night (how old AM I?), but it was a strangely relaxing day. For once.

I should get to bed. It's late and I'm exhausted. Don't I end all my posts lately like that?

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