Sunday, January 14, 2007

Back to School

Okay, I am dreading Wednesday. I go back to school. And leave Millile with a babysitter. A babysitter for whom she cried hysterically all afternoon on Friday. Although, she's sick and cried for most of the morning for me, too. But Wednesday is my long day so she'll be with the babysitter for five hours and then Iain, my husband, for another four. Both are perfectly capable of taking care of her and it will ultimately be good for her. Is this convincing? I'm trying to make it convincing. I'm not convinced. She cried so much on Friday that I could hear it in my head when we went to bed and she was asleep. Does that make me nuts? I think it might.

Three of Iain's friends came up tonight and made us dinner and hung out. Two are women he went to highschool with and the third is one of their boyfriends. It was great to see them, it was so kind of them to come up with dinner and all the fixin's, and it was amusing to watch them. They are both thinking about having children. The married one is on the fence and very nervous about the possibility and the other one, who brought her boyfriend, would like children, oh, yesterday. They would both make unbelievable mothers and the boyfriend proved to be a sheer natural, at least with our baby. He fed her rice cereal and she took it like a champ. She did so well up until about 15 minutes before they left, at which point she screamed like a bee was stinging her in the eye.

What if she cries and cries and cries on Wednesday? That's NINE hours of crying. She gets all red and sweaty and hoarse and sad. It breaks my heart to even think about. Sorry...I thought I was done with that thought in the first paragraph. I think I have to go vomit.


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