Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Binkie=Bad Mom?

Okay, I finally gave in. Millie has been exhibiting quite the oral fixation lately. She's a pretty sharp little one, but can't quite keep the thumb in the mouth yet. Shoves the entire fist in to the point of gagging herself, which is always fun to listen to while she's strapped into the carseat in the back of the Subaru. Vomit or fist? She could not calm down two nights ago, chomping on her cold, wet hands, sleeves drenched up to her elbows, and flailing, flailing, flailing. Getting more and more pissed off. I gave the pacifier a shot and by God, it worked. Like a freaking charm. She literally melted into my arms and her eyes went half-mast within minutes. She actually slept in the pack and play for almost an hour before waking up-UNHEARD OF!!!! As she drifted off, I calmly explained to her, my 11 week old who I'm sure took in each and every logical argument I presented, that this was for her own good and begged her not to think I was a lazy, bad mom. Am I? Please just lie to me and tell me it's acceptible. Just like co-sleeping. The things I swore I'd never do. All down the toilet.

On the upside, she saw her first snow flakes this morning. Nothing major, just lake effect snow showers, but still. I wish Iain had been home. I threw a hat on her and wrapped her in a blanket and ran out onto our rickety second floor balcony, risking plunging to our collective deaths in the name of the snowflake. I tried so hard to get a picture that features both Millie AND the snow. I failed (see above left picture). She looked damned cute anyway (see above right picture).


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