Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Big Girls Don't Cry

Okay, so I think motherhood has somehow tainted my music sensibilities. Since the beginning of Animal, I, like so many other mothers of my generation, prided myself on the fact that I would NOT lose my sense of cool, at least when it came to music. Okay, at least to the degree I started out cool. Which isn't a whole hell of a lot. I digress. I wear the fact that Millie witnessed two Billy Joel concerts and one Guster concert, all before she made her grand appearance, with pride. I love the fact that she was clapping and dancing to Amy Winehouse the other day. Not that I want my daughter emulate that poor woman's behavior, but she rocks an unbelievable house. Millie was in her booster on Monday while I was making dinner and Green Day and then the new Maroon 5 song came on. We both grooved. I swelled with pride. But then. THEN. I had the radio on today while making dinner and found myself singing along to Fergie. NOT Black Eyed Peas. But solo Fergie. I generally stick my snobbish rock and roll nose up at women who make her kind of vapid, cookie-cutter girly music. But, for some unknown reason, I like it. Shhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't tell a soul. My brothers would disown me, and rightly so. I'm considering a lobotomy. What the hell? Is it weaning hormones? Lack of sleep? My sinus infection? Help me. Someone. Please.

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Anonymous jessica said...

OK, now, I like me some Fergie as much as the next person, but I HATE that song! So funny.
I know how much courage it took for you to write this....

(OH, BTW, I LOVE the new Maroon 5 stuff!)

8:43 AM  
Blogger Kris said...

It actually hurt to post the words. I heard it again this morning and actually got angry at myself for succumbing to the groove. Who the hell am I????

I also LOVE the new Maroon 5 tunes. So much good music, so little money with which to buy it.

8:56 AM  

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