Monday, March 05, 2007

Nothing at All

I have nothing at all interesting to write about, but feel sad that I haven't had verbal diarrhea online in a while. So, a few random thoughts for the day.

1. My little brother, who is an MD, thinks he came back from Belize with Cholera. Somehow, I doubt it. More like Montezuma Revenge. But I'm not a doctor. You watch, now that I'm busting his chops, he'll ACTUALLY have Cholera and I'll feel bad. I had it (Montezuma Revenge, not Cholera) in Krakow and thought (or hoped) I might die. Especially in a place that charged you for toilet paper and then just provides 2 squares. I learned to carry tissues. My husband had it after we did research on an island with no potable water where the "well" water was laden with sheep shit and, occasionally, sheep carcasses. Ah, good times.

2. I am watching and waiting. Obama and Clinton are going to either implode separately or ruin each other and then Gore is going to slip into the race and dominate. I am ALL for a woman president, but Hilary isn't it. If I have to look at her smarmy face and watch her run this country farther into the toilet for 4 years, I'm moving to Canada. Which would be nice for many reasons. I love Obama, but I don't think he has enough experience yet. If he continued to do the job he's doing, I'd certainly vote for him in 8 or even maybe 4 years. But not now.

3. Police tickets go on sale in 33 minutes. I may have to hide the phone from myself to not call in for tickets. Ten years ago, I wouldn't be blogging right now. I'd be freezing my arse off in line at a ticketmaster location waiting for tickets only to be screwed by scalpers in front of me. I waited in line for Sting tickets while in high school with my then-best friend. We watched (but tried not to) the couple in front of us fornicating. We laughed for years about it-how old would that kid be that was conceived on that cold Saturday morning? Let me think....GOOD LORD!!! He'd/She's be 20 now!!!! TWENTY!!!! Wow. Time flies.

4. Millie tried stage 1 chicken last week. Not a big hit (see photo). We camo'ed it in sweet potatoes and squash and it was much better received.

Speaking of, she should be up at any moment, so I should jet. There she is now. Like clockwork.



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